What Happens At A Swim Meet, Stays At A Swim Meet



Taken at the Pacific Masters Short Course Meters Championships last weekend, Heather Farm Park… I wonder if they’re married?

6 thoughts on “What Happens At A Swim Meet, Stays At A Swim Meet

  1. Wait a second, the Short course meters championship was at Heather Farm Park? How does that work when the pool is 50M x 25Y? My daughter swims short course yards meets there… do they have a portable wall for the middle of the long way to make it 25M? Are there two pools, one hidden one that I don’t know about?

  2. The coach (volunteer timer actually) does have a certain Dick Butkus-esque quality, doesn’t he. To be fair, he volunteered ALL day on Saturday and normally had a smile on his face all the while doing so.

  3. Two pools indeed. From the meet info: “Facility: All Deep 6-Lane 25 Meter course for competition with 6-25 yard lanes provided for warm-up and warm-down throughout the meet; electronic timing, bleachers and lawn seating, and snack bar.” BTW, they had far more than 6 lanes for warm-up/warm-down.

  4. Oh, so the diving pool is 25M. I need to bring tape measures to meets to measure the flags, that means that in between events my daughter’s been practicing backstroke with 5M flags instead of 5Y flags.

    I blame this on Europe and their antiquated “metric system”. Get modern people!

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